Informationen zur Eventdauer / Flugdurchführung

Event duration:  In addition to the pure flight and operating time, the event duration also includes the legally required safety briefing and determination of body weight.

Operating/flight time:  Changes and deviations of individual flight services from the agreed content of the flight that become necessary after the contract has been concluded, such as: B. due to the special circumstances of aviation (air traffic control, meteorological influences), and not caused by the flight service against good faith, are permitted as long as they are not significant, do not lead to a significant change in the flight service and the overall design of the booked flight do not affect.

Flight execution:  The flight is carried out according to so-called visual flight rules (VFR), which means that certain weather conditions must prevail. Despite weather checks, cancellations may still occur on the day of the flight. In this case, the flight will be carried out or rescheduled at a different time. A claim for damages will not be granted.    

Technical restrictions:  A regular so-called pre-flight check of the aircraft is carried out. If a technical defect occurs that endangers flight safety, the flight will be canceled and rescheduled at a later date. A claim for damages will not be granted.

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  Ihr Event-/ Kurs- und Flugdatum

Verehrter Fluggast, nach der Buchung und Erhalt Ihres Tickets haben Sie die Möglichkeit, über Ihren Ticket-Code das Flugdatum für Ihr Event, Kurs und Flug zu erfahren.

Adel-Air® möchte Sie darauf hinweise, dass die Flüge abhängig von den Wetterbedingungen und der technischen Verfügbarkeit des Luftfahrzeuges sind.